SOC Classics: Wayward and Questionable Superpowers

SOC Classics: Wayward and Questionable Superpowers

This week’s show is another SOC classic. We pulled out and dusted off our first show with an interview for you to rediscover and fall in love with again. Join us as we talked with Mark and Alex of Wayward Raven Media about their now successful Kickstarter campaign for “Signed C: The Missing”. We also talked to them about what they look for in a submission and how they find talent for their growing company.

Devin got all hot and bothered with the release of Star Wars: Rebel Heist in “Dev Buys Direct”, Dr.T and his merry band of yes men discussed the Eisner Award nominated “Joe the Barbarian” by Grant Morrison, and we found out that the world should feel lucky that Devin doesn’t have his Top 5 Superpowers.

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