Green Up #086

Green Up #086

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Welcome to Green Up #86 Oregon’s #1 Podcast.  This week the guys talk about their Fantasy Football teams.  Henno leaves us a voicemail and the Green Up Curse plagues Geek Dig.  Clint finds a place to live, Teddy takes a bike ride after a few drinks and Ryan gets his first football game back!  The guys bring up we need to make a ‘Poop Week’ and Ryan gives a heartfelt apology to Grant.  The guys talk about what Jimmy Kimmel has to say about Youtube Gaming.  Ryan runs down a few games from Pac Prime and the guys talk about the second episode of Fear the Walking Dead, and Clint raves about Scream.  Ryan and Clint say some much needed ‘Thank You’s’ and really drive home to help support your fellow indie podcasters by rating and reviewing them on iTunes.  Ryan reads two new reviews from iTunes. and follow us on twitter @greenuppodcast.

Intro song by Henno.

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