Curse of the Vessel



Curse of The Vessel is the supernatural revenge comic book created by Michael Leal.

Vincent Faustino has become an involuntary vessel for the dead.
Once a brutal mafia enforcer, now his life is not his own. He has been branded with a magical sigil that allows spirits to possess his body at will. On the run from both his deadly former associates and law enforcement, he is wanted for murders and events he has no memory of. Vincent relentlessly hunts the man who cursed him, continually being hijacked by restless spirits who have their own personalities and agendas, both good and evil.
This is the torture he must endure. This is the punishment for his evil past. Vincent Faustino is forever “The Vessel”.



Curse of the Vessel #1


This is the first printing of the award winning comic series written by Michael Leal with Pencils by Mike Wilson and Colors by Michael McElveen. This is the Kickstarter edition with exclusive cover by comic pro, Joelle Jones. (Helheim) Small time mob heavy, Vincent Faustino tries to shake down the wrong man. Now he is branded with a curse and craziness ensues. Lost, confused and itching for revenge Vincent begins his hunt for the man who cursed him, but a couple of angry ghosts have other ideas for him.

Get a print copy sent to your door for the low price of $3.99 + Shipping



 Curse of the Vessel #1 Digital PDF



A high quality PDF of COTV#1 written by Michael Leal with Pencils by Mike Wilson and Colors by Michael McElveen.

A download link will be sent to your inbox for the low price of $.99




  1. I would love to order a print copy, but cannot find any way to actually purchase it. Can you help?


    • Hey, thanks for the interest! There is a back end issue with the website here so I deactivated the button to purchase the comic for now. However you can cut out the middle man and just paypal the money directly to us at and we’ll get you a copy right away. It’s $3.99 for the a book plus shipping. So it would be $8.00 for U.S. $10.00 for Canada and we’ll have to figure it out for other parts of the world. I’ll throw in some stickers for heck of it too. Let me know what you think! Thanks. -Michael Leal (creator of Curse of the Vessel)


  2. Brandon Nelms

    i just got #1 and was wondering if there are still plans to release a second issue


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