Salty Language #215: Trout Bag

Salty Language #215: Trout Bag


Tony and Bryan discuss the pick ’em league, Marvel’s ‘Jessica Jones’ teaser, Ronda Rousey in ‘Roadhouse’ remake, Braidedveins’ new LP, iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, Crown Royal bags, Golden Girls sex partners, ‘Preacher’ teaser poster, Joker Halloween yard decoration, SUATMM!, our Q of the W, and more!


‘Jessica Jones’ teaser trailer:

‘Preacher’ teaser poster:

Ronda Rousey to star in ‘Roadhouse’ remake:

Braidedveins LP pre-order:

How many men did the ‘Golden Girls’ sleep with:

SUATMM Joker lawn ornament:
Q of the W: What would your role be in a heist movie, and why?

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