Who The What Now?! #026 : Angus Scrimm is Alive!

Who The What Now?! #026 :

Angus Scrimm is Alive!

This Week : Michael is a Spoiler hypocrite, Michelle escapes another kitchen fire during Thanksgiving, favorite retro video games, strange dreams, Gary McKinnon hacks Nasa and discovers “Non-terrestrial assets”, Angus Scrimm (the Tall Man) is not dead, Star Wars episode VII trailer, George Lucas is not fond of Star Wars, Hugh Jackman chews up the scenery in the Pan trailer, Christopher Walken plays Captain Hook with a load in his pants, movie re-enactments by small children, the Walking Dead finale, Michael is down with Alfred from Gotham, and Chris Pratt joins some dumb scientists that create more dinosaurs to eat people in Jurassic World.

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Show Links: Star Wars VII Trailer, PAN, Jurassic World, Angus Scrimm, Shining Force