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Hey everyone!

Just dropping you a line to let you know that…

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Are  you in or out?! 😉

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Salty Language #271: FTAD


Tony and Bryan talk about Bryan’s weird day at the store, fried foods from the Texas State Fair, Luke Cage (NO big spoilers), Tony’s sex voice, sharkchimps, FTAD, breathing weapons, Tony’s blog, Dude Mountain update, our Q of the W and recap, and more!

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Salty Language Presents: The Enthusiasts #33 Ypsi Summer Beerfest 2016


Tony and Bryan are joined by Jeanie, and Big Dev to discuss the 2016 Michigan Brewer’s Guild Beerfest in Ypsilanti! They discuss favorite beers, brewers, the heat, what happened to Bryan, getting split up, the post beerfest bar and nap, next day breakfast, and more! We hope you enjoy it!

Salty Language Presents: The Enthusiasts #31 – Paula Allen


Tony and Bryan are joined by the host of the Tell Me Stories Podcast, Paula Allen. They discuss band stories, the art of podcasting, archaeological work, talking to bands, storytelling, getting stories out of people, and a whole lot more! We hope you enjoy it!
@stories_podcast on Twitter

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HOBI Episode #110: I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight!


The HOBI Gang have no guest this week but that doesn’t stop them from singing and impersonating their way through this episode!  The guys talk the Super Bowl,  Jeff spending too much money on board games, and Jason falling in love with Legends of Tomorrow.  The gang mocks Lionsgate and the failure of Mockingjay and if Nicholas Sparks’ stock should be sold and yep, it should. Blake mocks the Wrecking Crew, Jeff sings some Beyonce while Jason takes out everyone’s Top 5 Worst Super Bowl Halftime Performances!

Salty Language 224 – Sexy VF

Salty Language 224 – Sexy VF


Tony and Bryan discuss Tony’s drinking shenanigans, the red cup controversy, Starbucks people, the drunkest city in our state, the NFL’s uniform issue, podcasts we’re digging lately, feeding those chickens, the terrorist strikes in Paris, Tony’s weird dream, pulled pork pizza, the pick ’em league, #SLPod Kik group, our Q of the W and recap, and more!


Drunkest cities in Michigan and Ohio:
Red cup controversy:
NFL Color Rush jersey mistake:
Paris terror attacks:
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Salty Language Presents: The Enthusiasts #22 – 2015 Detroit Fall Beer Fest

Salty Language Presents: The Enthusiasts #22 – 2015 Detroit Fall Beer Fest


Tony and Bryan are joined by Tony’s wife Jeanie, Soundboard T, and Big Dev of the Snake Oil Comics Podcast. They discuss their adventures at the Michigan Brewers Guild’s 2015 Detroit Fall Beer Festival. They discuss the beers they had, and the other events of their weekend.

Sorry for the sound quality, we had some issues with the recording.

@MIBrewersGuild on Twitter

@SOCPodcast on Twitter

@RealBigDev on Twitter

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