Salty Language #273: Moosetine


Note: We discuss Luke Cage after the end of the show proper. There are definitely spoilers!
Tony and Bryan talk about Bryan in a tweet contest, Black Mirror, Batman v. clown, Luke Cage Family Matters, Mannings playing basketball, Iron Fist trailer, Fowling, Luke Cage Playlist, SUATMM, Tony’s blog, Dude Mountain update, our Q of the W and recap, and more!


1. Viceland

2. Passers-by hot wings
3. GSP contract dispute
4. Ice JJ Fish
5. Guardians trailer
6. Logan trailer
7. Red Dead Redemption 2 trailer
8. Nintendo Switch
9. Nintendo Swith trailer
10. Doing the Job Podcast interview with James Ellsworth
11. Donald Glover cast as young Lando
QoftheW: As a Sith Lord, what mundane thing would you use the Force on?
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