Graphic Novice #094: The Death of Graphic Novice – Part 5 of 10: X-Men & Stuff


The Swan Song continues as we reach the halfway point of our grand finale.  VF & Nickel spend an awful lot of time talking about nothing (including fellow podcaster Jason Brigger’s castration, some wedding planning updates and VF’s cathouse).

After an hour of literally talking about nothing, comic news is extremely x-men heavy, with Death of X discussion, a look towards future releases, X-Men vs. Inhumans, & ResurrXion.  The guys discuss their hopes and dreams for the X-men franchise, and the million x-books being slowly announced as part of the ResurrXion event. As promised, we also touch on the triumphant return of the Great Lakes Avengers.

After hours of unstructured discussion, the “Rapid-Fire Review” segment of the podcast covers new books from September 28, October 5, October 12, and October 19, 2016.  A few of the books covered include Deadly Class 22, Captain America Steve Rogers 5, Captain America Sam Wilson #13, Lazarus #25, Jupiter’s Legacy Volume 2 #4 of 5, Great Lakes Avengers #1, Mosaic #1, and Infamous Ironman #1.

Thanks for continuing to let us into your ears a few times a month.

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