The Death of Graphic Novice

Graphic Novice #090: The Death of Graphic Novice – Part 1 of 10


Join Nickel & The Velvet Fog as they discuss the journey towards their podcasting sunset, the podcaster formerly known as Doc Thirst, Nickel’s appearance on the History of Bad Ideas podcast and VF’s string of appearances on the Green Up podcast. And, after catching up on the past week or two, we roll out another episode of Listener Feedback.

In a “Comic News” segment that spills over into several other segments, VF & Nickel talk about Midnighter, the new “Death of X” mini-series, the first appearance of Riri Williams and her role as the “new” Iron Man, and sales numbers from the past few months.

An abbreviated “Rapid-Fire” review segment includes books from June 29, 2016, and looks ahead to the comics being released on July 13, 2016.

Join the Graphic Novice Comic Book podcast for what appears to be their final ten episode arc.

Keep it Greasy!


Graphic Novice #089: The Death of Graphic Novice – Prelude

We transition and/or limp into our final 10 episodes and welcome summer, with this, episode 89.  Don’t miss out on the build up to the 10 episode, Death of Graphic Novice story arc.

The Velvet Fog & Nickel start things out with a discussion of the Creed Power Feedback Hour (Episode 88.5), VF’s appearance on the Green Up Podcast, and project Cassette Tape.

In the General Banter (Bullshit) segment we address VF’s podcasting prospects, his concerns with the European Union, the Canadian Postal strike, Nickel’s 31st birthday, and some sports updates.

The fledgling “Listener Feedback” segment features some new bumpers, and reaches back to Episode 88.5 to re-answer some old questions, and some new.

Its back… Tune in for the bumper and stick around to see who wins the old “Marvel Trivia” segment.

Nickel gets tricked with old news in “Comic News”

We discuss some highlights from June 2016 books in “Rapid Fire Review”.

Thanks for listening everyone.  Send in those hand-written letters for your Episode 88.5 cassettes. Stay Thirsty!

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