Salty Language #259: Rodeoactive



Tony and Bryan bring the funk about Bryan’s social experiment, Tony and his evil beard, a tumor pen, guest appearances on other podcasts, the deep V, a new nickname for VF, Penny Dreadful, Cory Taylor slaps a phone from a fan’s hand, a singer kicked a girl off stage, UFC sells, beer nutritional labels, Pokemon Go, our Q of the W and recap, and more!

1. Chris Farley “I’m Starving” sketch:
2. Corey Taylor slaps phone out of fan’s hand at show:
3. Singer kicks girl off stage at show:
4. Girl defends singer’s actions:
5. Jon Jones allegedly tested positive for estrogen blockers:
6. UFC sold for $4 billion:
7. Some beer companies to add nutritional labels to beer:
SUATMM: NES Classic:
QoftheW: If you were stupid rich, what frivolous thing would you keep doing?

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