Salty Language #214: Grieving Bosoms

 Salty Language #214: Grieving Bosoms


Tony and Bryan discuss “Superfly” Snuka getting arrested, Tom Brady, new suit for ‘Diggle’, ‘Star Wars Battlefront’ beta, story of Founder’s All Day IPA, Oliver Sacks on Radiolab and his death, Wes Craven died, Bryan on other shows, SUATMM!, our Q of the W, and more!


Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka arrested on murder charges:

Tom Brady’s suspension overturned:

‘Diggle’ promo pic shows new suit:

‘Star Wars Battlefront’ beta is coming:

Story of Founder’s All Day IPA:
Oliver Sacks on Radiolab:
Oliver Sacks died:
Wes Craven Died:

SUATMM: DC Comics to release ‘Gotham Central’ omnibus:

Bryan on Beyond The 140:

Q of the W: What was your favorite Wes Craven movie, and why?

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