Graphic Novice #071: Baked Beans, Batgirling & Benjamen’s 40th Birthday

Graphic Novice #071: Baked Beans, Batgirling & Benjamen’s 40th Birthday


Help us celebrate Ben/Scott/VF’s 40th birthday by downloading and listening to episode 71 of the Graphic Novice Comic Book Podcast: The Least Informed Podcast Available. We start things out by discussing Ben’s birthday plans, our mortality, Doc Thirst’s hockey career and table top gaming during our 45 minutes of regularly scheduled off-topic banter.  After which, we transition ever so smoothly to a jam packed “Comic News” segment.

This week in the news, we discuss DC Comics financial woes, the term “Batgirling”, Marvel Comics’ hip hop variants and variant covers in general, Kevin Feige throwing his influential weight around at Marvel, the new Outcast trailer, The upcoming Dark Knight III series, Chip Zdarsky writing a Jughead series, and Stan Lee’s alleged abuse of his Executive Assistant.

After our loaded news segment, we roll into “Rapid Fire Review” and discuss books released on August 19 & 26, 2015, including Archie #2, Black Canary #3, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #49, Manifest Destiny #16, Postal #6, Amazing Spider-Man Renew Your Vows #4, House of M #1, Valiant’s Book of Death #2, Hacktivist Volume 2, #2, Batgirl #43, East of West #20, Low #9, They’re Not Like Us #7, Magneto #21, Spider-Woman #10, and Ninjak #6.

We wrap things up with a look at books we plan on reading being released September 2, 2015.

Thanks for listening, and Happy 40th Birthday VF!

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