Green Up #083:

Green Up #083:

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Welcome to Oregon’s number one podcast! The full staff is here to help bring you the brand new Green Up 2.5c #83. This week Clint brings us stories on his love life, going with no pants and his time as the Best Man. Teddy does some fancy cooking and is a week into his 90 day challenge. We continue Graphic Novices 69.1 answering sex and relationship questions. Ryan gets his first taste of Reasons are Several and Gotham Lights, he boasts about both shows!
Ryan updates everyone on RCCC, a new facebook event and being a Podcaster at RCCC. In video game news, the guys talk about the Xbox One’s backwards compatibility, Black Ops 3 and R6 Siege Beta’s coming out. Clint brings Kingdom Heart III and some much needed Star Wars news! Tech Time Teddy bring his best 5 Tech topics; AT&T linked to NSA, biggest hdd, Roomba lawn mower, Tesla charging update and Apple’s self driving car.
We all watch Sushi Girl and review it. Be sure to join the conversation by following the show on twitter @greenuppodcast and call the voicemail 424 COACH 35.
Intro music by Henno.

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