Green Up #082:

Green Up #082:

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Welcome to Oregon’s number one podcast!  The full staff is here to help bring you the brand new Green Up 2.5c #82.  The first half of the show is the staff talking about their week and the second half is with our special guest, Skip from Attention Deficit Order Radio Podcast.

During the first half, we play a voicemail we got from Tony from the Salty Language Podcast about #backintime.  I fess up to being weeks, even months behind updating @GeekLifeRadio.  Clint goes to a burlesque show and talks about what it was like.  Teddy teaches us about sound masking  and his 90 day challenge.  I have a tough week but get through it.  We get to see Wonder Woman again and may have gotten our booth at RCCC some Superhero connections.  I forgot to talk about my email to Dropping Loads last week, so we chat about that.  Clint is getting into Podcasts without Borders and Diamond Minds.  I have to do a retracement on the embargo, and finally get to bring the truth to our listeners.  Big thanks to a few of our faithful.  Find out how to follow us on and don’t forget to watch Sushi Girl with us for next weeks show.

Welcome Skip!  His first time on Green Up and we have a blast!  We chat about our love for our states; Oregon and California and the big difference in size.  Skip gives us a nice intro into the A.D.O. Radio show and what he has seen change with the Podcasting scene.  We share a few podcasts that we like to listen to.  Skip gives us an intro into him and his life, we talk about comic books, video games and our kids with video games.  Be sure to follow him on twitter @Skip_ADO_Radio and subscribe to his show Attention Deficit Order.

Intro music by Henno.

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