Graphic Novice #065: VF Hates Ladybugs

Graphic Novice #065: VF Hates Ladybugs


Graphic Novice returns this week for their 65th episode with hosts VF & Nickel attempting to get caught up by reviewing 2 weeks of new comics. Slaves to the show format, we refuse to skip right to any sort of comic book banter, but instead spend the first 40 minutes or so discussing birthdays, long haul truckin’, ladybugs, bee-keeping, podcasting responsibilities and our relaxed summer recording schedule.

Comic news almost gets skipped over completely, before VF sneaks in a quick discussion on The Punisher showing up for Season 2 of Daredevil next year.

In “Rapid-Fire Review” we discuss Sabrina #3, Captain Canuck #1, Convergence #8, Sandman Overture #5, Deadly Class #13, Outcast #9, Postal #4, They’re Not Like Us #6, All-New Hawkeye #3, Inferno #1, Infinity Gauntlet #1, Inhumans Attilan Rising #1, Nova #31, Old Man Logan #1, Secret Wars Journal #1, Grimm Tales of Terror #11 (from May 27, 2015) as well as Archie #666, Broken World #1, Midnighter #1, D4VE #5, Autumnlands Tooth & Claw #6, Nailbiter #13, The Wicked + The Divine #11, All-New X-Men #41, Groot #1, Master of Kung-Fu #2, Spider-Woman #8, Superior Iron-Man #9, X-Tinction Agenda #1, and Years of Future Past #1 (From June 3, 2105).

 As always, the show wraps up with a look at some of the books we’re looking forward to checking out the following week, in this case, June 10, 2015.

 Keep on Truckin’!

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