Musings of a Geek #91: Renee Zellweger was Two-Thirds Dead

Musings of a Geek #91: Renee Zellweger was Two-Thirds Dead


Musings is finally back….and we bring friends! This week the regular menagerie of Dan, Des and WIll are not only joined by Regular Special Guest Brian, but also Amy from Culture Babble who decided to visit us in San Diego.  The five of us talk: The Awesomeness of San Diego vs Ohio, Des hanging out in Will’s house in socks, Will not listening, the 9th Edition of Quiddich rules, Fallout 4, Red Dead Redemption, Kids Today, FIFA, the new Punisher, Reality TV, All NEW – All DIFFERENT Marvel, Star Wars books, the remake of Big Trouble in Little China, Spy, the marriage of Han Solo, Twin Galaxies and it’s role in King of Kong, The Stand release pattern, and we take a TON of Questions From The Universe!

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