New Salty Language #201: ThinkBanksy

 New Salty Language #201: ThinkBanksy


Tony and Bryan discuss Salty Language the t-shirt, Kung Fury, Statham as Bullseye, Blade/Punisher/Ghost Rider Netflix shows, is Marvel sabotaging the X-Men and Fantastic Four, Han has a wife, Algiers music, Bet On Rats music, Periscope, Star Wars digital trading cards, Erik Larsen on the GeekDig Podcast, a little Game of Thrones, comics, and more!


Salty Language The T-Shirt:

Han Solo Has A Wife:

Jason Statham Rumored For Bullseye:

Marvel Sabotaging X-Men and Fantastic Four?:

Punisher, Ghost Rider, and Blade Next For Netflix?:

Kung Fury:


Bet On Rats:

Star Wars Digital Trading Cards:

GeekDig Podcast w/ Erik Larsen:

Salty Language Patreon page:
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