Graphic Novice #064: Convergence & The DC Universe (with Michael Leal)

Graphic Novice #064: Convergence & The DC Universe (with Michael Leal)


The Beatles wrote a song just for this occassion… We’re Sixty-Four! Michael Leal of the “Who The What Now” Podcast and Danger Entertainment helps us ring in our sixty fourth episode, which we almost dedicate to the end of DC Comics’ “Convergence” event.  But… It wouldn’t be Graphic Novice if we didn’t delay the discussion of comics, in favor of some weekly off-topic banter.  After getting all the network plugs out of the way, we get an update from VF farms, check in with Michael’s many exploits and get an update on all the ongoings of the Danger Entertainment podcast network.  Nickel also takes some time to complain about stuff.

In the “Comic News” segment, Michael Leal walks us through some of the key events leading up to “Convergence”, in an attempt to help us understand the consequences of DC’s most recent universe-wide event.  The conversation follows a few different tangents, as Convergence is compared to Secret Wars, and the guys debate whether Marvel or DC has better villains.

In “Rapid-Fire Review” we look at books released on May 20, 2015, including Fade Out #6, A-Force #1, Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars #1, Guardians of the Galaxy #27, Master of Kung-Fu #1, Moon Knight #15, Planet Hulk #1, Secret Wars Battleworld #1, Uncanny X-Men #34, Wolverines #19, Bloodshot Reborn #2, Ninjak #3, Ufology #2, and The Tithe #2.  

As always we wrap things up with a look towards the books we’re going to be reading next week (May 27, 2015), and say our goodbyes after a tight and efficient 3 hours of podcasting.

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