Graphic Novice #054: Graphic Novice Minus One

Graphic Novice #054: Graphic Novice Minus One


Its just VF & Nickel in this landmark episode of Graphic Novice. The opening banter touches on some of the other podcasts Nickel may or may not be showing up on, technical and non-technical issues on the Gotham Knights podcast, VF’s thoughts on Gotham thus far, VF’s texting etiquette, The Angry Ginger’s ability to keep Nickel on topic during the Better Call Saul podcast, and eventually… the elephant in the room that is the absence of Doc Thirst, and the seed of an idea that could one day be the Doc Thirst Memorial Karaoke Jam. In comic news, which takes us quite a while to get to, we discuss the Batman Bunny Suit coming up in Batman #41, DC’s Convergence, Marvel’s Secret Wars, and the DC movie poster variant covers. When we finally get to “Rapid-Fire Review” the guys start out trying to get through some of the new releases from both February 25, and March 4.  Some of the books up for discussion include Curb Stomp #1, Evil Empire #11, Batman #39, Low #6, The Wicked + The Divine #8, All-New X-Men #38, New Avengers #30, Spider-Gwen #1, Spider-Man 2099 #9, Superior Iron Man #5, Uncanny Avengers #2, and Wolverines #8.  At this point, Nickel starts to feel the heat at this point, and tries to pull the pin before finishing up the segment, so the guys decide to carry some of the most memorable books from March 11 over to the next episode. Before calling it a night, we run through the books coming out on March 11, 2015 and leave everyone to our musical dedication to our now semi-retired co-host Doc Thirst.