Who The What Now?! #034: Spock Waffle

Who The What Now?! #034:

Spock Waffle



This one is a MUST listen! Listen as we talk about the NEW podcast network, Lazarus Effect & Jupiter Rising being crappy, how to pronounce Mila Kunis’ name, give shout outs to our reviewers, review our hate mail message from an anti-fan, talk about going to the comic shop, the Spoungebob movie, our first date, Movies from childhood that don’t hold up, Leonard Nimoy’s passing, the NEGA-Mike, the Spectacular Spider-Man movie plan, Harrison Ford trying to kill himself by flying tiny planes, Aqua Man’s new non-costume, Supergirl being pretty enough, Invader Zim, Duck Tales, Inspector Gadget returning from the dead and MUCH MORE! Pleasure for your earholes.

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