HOBI Episode #061: Potatoes Wear Bikinis!

Blake, Jeff and Jason are all by themselves in the BOB Studio and ready to show some love to Gotham!  The HOBI gang get caught up on all the latest televison shows in Blake’s last show for a month as he is recruited for a special mission overseas.  The guys give their review of Kevin Smith comics and re-draft the Mr. Kotter and the Sweathogs. Jason and Jeff pick the “perfect” Avengers team and the gang pick their Top 5 Worst Films a Best Actor/Actress has starred in while also revealing why it’s not good to schedule a recording during a winter storm!

Who The What Now?! #032 I F*cking Knew It!

 Who The What Now?! #032:

I F*cking Knew It!


In this very special episode or WTWN, M&M try to be professional while Michael gloats about his Spider-Man conspiracy theory coming true, and they talk about Labyrinth, David Bowie’s bulge, Ed Norton in the Incredible Hulk, Beetlejuice 2, Doin’ Da Butt, new costumes for super ladies,  breast feeding in front of a group of strangers during a marathon IKEA shopping trip, getting wisdom from a kindly old scientist who apparently worked there, that time they almost died in the Ape Cave, and listener questions! Hurry before the new Walking Dead starts!

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