GOTHAM LIGHTS Episode #043: New Day Rising


Ep43 – Coming to you all the way from Michigan, Stef leads a cast of #Gotham Lights featuring Grant Markham of Seven Days A Geek podcast, Bill Sweeney of the Wicked Theory Podcast and Agent Palmer of All Media known to man to discuss #Gotham S3 E4 New Day Rising. You can find Grant on twitter @insta_grants2 Bill Sweeney @WickedTheory and Agent Palmer @AgentPalmer follow them and let them know which one your favorite Gotham Light.

Special thanks to Doug LeMesurier for the Gotham Lights logo @jlemesur

Gotham Lights is part of the Danger Entertainment Network and the Wicked Radio Network.

twitter: @gothamlights @idahenno @badwolfbay87

Danger Entertainment Network

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