Green Up Podcast Episode #129

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Welcome to Green Up Podcast Episode 129, Oregon’s number 1 Podcast!  Ryan is back with Clint and Teddy and he brought Reese with him…. Ryan catches everyone up on what the last few weeks have been like for him, Clint and Teddy share their last weeks as well.  Ryan talks about a work along to be able to use the #NESBOX and the upcoming 8bit game for #StrangerThings.  Clint talks about a crappy Master P video game, Twitch and Amazon announceing #TwitchPrime and a No Man’s Sky investigation.  The guys talk about #LethalWeapon #DesignatedSurvivor #TheExorcist and #LukeCage.

Follow us on twitter @greenuppodcast and call our voicemail 424-262-2435.

Thank you to Henno for our intro and thanks to Adrian Has Issues for our outro.

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