Graphic Novice #093: The Death of Graphic Novice – Part 4 of 10: Japan


The Graphic Novice band is back together again…  After 5 weeks off, VF & Nickel reunite to discuss stock advice, The Velvet Fog’s trip to Japan, and some of the highlights and lowlights of the past month.

Listener Feedback also makes a triumphant return, even though most of the questions seem to revolve around the History of Bad Ideas podcast.

And…  if you can make it through well over an hour of general bullsh*t, we do eventually discuss comics. A Graphic Novice explanation of Civil War II precedes the “Rapid Fire Review” segment, where we discuss 5 weeks of new comics, and the new books coming out on September 21, 2016.

This episode is a little bit light on comics, but its heavy with love. Thanks for listening.

Graphic Novice #092: The Death of Graphic Novice – Part 3 of 10: Portly and Bubbly

Nickel & The Velvet Fog continue the death march towards the hundredth and final episode. We spend some time discussing dieting, we reveal some details about the end of the show, look into the disappearance of Ryan Beagley, and Nickel complains about fracking documentaries.

Episode 92 also features the return of our award winning “Listener Feedback” segment.

VF shares his thoughts on the Suicide Squad in “Comic News”.

The “Rapid-Fire Review” segment covers books released on August 3, and August 10, 2016. Our discussion includes Batman #4, Black Science #23, Low #15, Tokyo Ghost #9, Uncanny X-Men #11, All-Star Batman #1 & Detective Comics #938.

Thanks for checking out the Graphic Novice Comic Podcast.


Graphic Novice #091: The Death of Graphic Novice – Part 2 of 10: Pickle That S**t

We continue with the “The Death of Graphic Novice” story arc this week, with a very special episode.  The main plot is put is a bit of an afterthought while the guys bullshit about the Velvet Fog’s old computer, Pokémon Go, some more Pokémon GO, VF’s pubic hair, upcoming show guests, and the engagement of Craig Julius Nickel.

In “Comic News” the guys discuss SDCC 2016 (not really), Nickel complains about stuff, and the lack of any substantial “Listener Feedback” is explained.

Tune into another segment of “Marvel Trivia Box” to see if the Velvet Fog can extend his current winning streak.

The “Rapid Fire Review” segment looks at books released July 6 and July 13, 2016, including but not limited to: Batman #2, Flintstones #1, Justice League Rebirth #1, Black Science #22, Moon Knight #4, Punisher #3, Detective Comics #963, Wonder Woman #2, and Old Man Logan #8.

Thanks for checking out the Graphic Novice Comic Book Podcast. We love you.

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