Salty Language 266 – Engorge!


Tony and Bryan talk about Tony’s trip to Jamaica, his massage, Dapf Pod 128, Salty Language 134, fist fighting animals, Battlefield 1 Beta, the deaths of Mr. Fuji, Gene Wilder, and the voice of Admiral Ackbar, googly eye glasses, Fargo, Black Mirror, a podcast and video about internet success, our pick ’em league, our Q of the W and recap, and more!


1. Black Mirror

2. Fargo
3. Reply All episode 73 Sandbox
4. Darius Kazemi, Tiny Subversion from XOXO
5. Deathstroke footage
6. Fuji Vice
7. Add googly eyes to photos
8. Googly Eye Glasses
9. DAPF Pod with Tony and Jeanie
10. Salty Language #134 Yuckaroo
QoftheW #1: What zoo animal could you beat in a cage fight, and why?
QoftheW #2: What historical figure would you like to bare knuckle fight, and why?
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