Salty Language #265: To The Max!


Tony and Bryan talk about UFC 202, USA chants, crazy fight fans, Delete chant on Raw, Mary Jane casting rumors, man acting like a gorilla, Sense8, Dee Snider’s new video, the demise of Wicked Radio Network, Labatt’s Zubaz cans, our pick ’em league, our Q of the W and recap, and more!

1. McGregor vs. Diaz purse

2. McGregor vs Diaz
3. Johnson vs. Texeira
4. Stan Lee on Zendaya casting
5. Zendaya cast as Mary jane maybe
6. Donald Glover as Lando
7. Labatt making Zubaz inspired cans
8. Zubaz
9. Man masturbates on sidewalk and acts like gorilla
10. Dee Snider “We’re Not Gonna Take It” video
QoftheW: Would you rather tell an intimate story or do stand up comedy in front of a group of strangers?
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