Green Up Episode #117.5: Flashback RCCC 2015

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Welcome to Green Up Podcast Episode 117.5, Oregon’s number 1 Podcast!  Since we were all out on ‘holiday’ I asked our wonderful guest VF if he wanted to do our first ever Episode Request.  Flashback to episode 88 Green Up in Rose City Comic Con.  Teddy and I sat down to chat about our time and adventures at #RCCC2015.  VF joined me to intro the show and shoot the shit for 20 minutes.  Happy Birthday to Nickel from GN, Mike from GUNGO and a big congrats to M & Chris from A.D.O Radio!  Big thanks to VF for coming up with the idea and jumping on!  You can find him on the twitters @VFGraphicNovice and every other week on the Graphic Novice Podcast (Ryan’s personal favorite podcast!)  Thanks for listening and we would love hear from you!

Follow us on twitter @greenuppodcast and give our voicemail a call 424 262 2435

Thank you to Henno for our intro and thanks to Grant from 7 Days a Geek for our outro.

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