Green Up Podcast Episode #117:

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Welcome to Green Up Podcast Episode 117, Oregon’s number 1 Podcast! Our final installment of ‪#‎GreenUpSpringVacation‬ with the sultry voice of Velvet Fog (VF) from the Graphic Novice Podcast. 6 months in the making. VF wastes no time taking over the show! The guys talk about their Grandfathers serving in the Military and Ryan brings up some stories from GN. Clint struggles to stay connected via his Xbox so Ryan plays some clips for VF to see if he can guess what his famous co-star Nickel is talking about. Ryan drops a bomb on VF, well he thought it was a bomb….but VF already knew! VF is interested in learning more about Ryan being a Sea Sniper and they chat about how they got a PS4/Xbox One. Ryan talks about a couple rumors he has heard about E3 2016, and they finish the episode with his ‪#‎GreenUpVideoGameQuiz‬. Big thanks to VF for coming on the show! You can find him on the twitters @VFGraphicNovice and every other week on the Graphic Novice Podcast (Ryan’s personal favorite podcast!) Thanks for listening, we would love hear from you!
Follow us on twitter @greenuppodcast and give our voicemail a call 424 262 2435
Thank you to Henno for our intro and thanks to Adrian from Adrian Has Issues for our outro.

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