Green Up Podcast Episode #116

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Welcome to Green Up Podcast Episode 116, Oregon’s number 1 Podcast!  Ryan and Clint get together for a last minute recording.  The guys are very sorry for not having a new episode up for a couple weeks.  Ryan and Clint catch up, Ryan talks about his Podcast Contract he did for Graphic Novice and Danger Entertainment.  Green Up is now apart of #PodcastToo be sure to go subscribe to Podcast Too on iTunes and follow them on twitter!  Ryan announces his plans for a new podcast, talks about work, football and his last experience shopping at Sports Authority.  Clint has some computer issues and may have a new work schedule.  The guys talk about the upcoming Games with Gold for #Xbox and they discuss their thoughts on VR, E3 and if VR should even be on the market.  Thanks for listening, we would love hear from you!

Follow us on twitter @greenuppodcast and give our voicemail a call 424 262 2435  

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