Graphic Novice #088: Nerdcon Sombreros & The Civil Wars


Another episode of the awardless Graphic Novice Comic Book Podcast, with your humble hosts, Nickel and The Velvet Fog.  This week in Bullshit, we discuss the future of the Graphic Novice Book Club, the big board game convention in St. Louis, the general discontents of Nickel, and his take on sugars and carbs.

This episode marks the addition of a completely original and unique “Listener Feedback” segment which was not inspired or stolen from any other podcast.  Tune in for a riveting discussion of Canadian superheroes in response to one of Number 1 Fan Doug B’s questions.

In “Comic News” we look at the DC Universe rebirth, Captain America’s betrayal, and the big Civil War movie.

In “Rapid Fire Review” your podcast besties discuss Sabrina #5, Lucifer #6, Manifest Destiny #19, Civil War II #0, Rai #13, Afterlife with Archie #9, Batgirl #52, Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas #1, East of West #26, Tokyo Ghost #7, Captain America Steve Rogers #1, Carnage #8, Daredevil #7, Hyperion #3, Mockingbird #3 and Nighthawk #1.

We then slip the listeners two fingers of new releases prior to easing into the outro, and sneaking out of bed for the early morning walk of shame.

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