Salty Language #247: Karate Kickstarter


Tony and Bryan discuss buying a bowling alley, Chyna’s death, Prince’s death, Conor McGregor’s retiring, Cracker Jack prizes, a new country singer, All Day soup, Bob Marley Snapchat filter, tear-away jeans, man-sized thirst, Bryan gets threatened at the bar, Bryan scares someone at the bar, Bryan’s new medicine, Bryan goes to a rock show to see the Summer Cannibals and the Thermals, double Jesus, Batman sexually assaulting a refrigerator, dollar bets, well dressed men and scantily dressed women, the SLPod Kik group, our Q of the W and recap, and more!


1. Founders All Day cheese soup:

7. The Thermals:
8. Summer Cannibals:
QoftheW: What would your role playing/D&D version of yourself be?
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