Graphic Novice INFO DUMP!


Graphic Novice #086: Dixieland Delight

The Graphic Novice Comic Book podcast returns to the sweet sweet sounds of Alabama’s “Dixieland Delight”. After discussing some southern terminology, the guys move on to the aptly named, “Bullshit” segment, where they review the highlights and lowlights from the past couple weeks.  VF is a man on the town, Nickel is man on the ground.

“Comic News” is a little light this week, as the guys boycotted doing any sort of “research” what so ever.  They discuss the rejuvenation of Steve Rogers, VF’s adventures with the DCU, and Nickel complains about stuff.

Nickel continues to complain about some stuff throughout “Rapid Fire Review”, where they review Batman & Robin Eternal #26, Black Science #21, Captain America: Sam Wilson #7, Detective Comics #51, Black Panther #1, Uncanny X-Men #6, and Moon Knight #1.

The guys forget to review the books coming out this week, and limp out of town with a snappy outro discussing the pros and cons of retiring after episode 100.

Graphic Novice #85.1: Batman v. Superman v. Graphic Novice

Join the gang of the seldom-celebrated Graphic Novice Comic Book Podcast as they share their thoughts on the “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice” movie.  VF & Nickel discuss the ups and downs and the highs and lows of the movie, sharing their innermost thoughts, opinions and secrets.

Please enjoy this very special supplemental episode of Graphic Novice.

Graphic Novice #85: Rebirth

Join your old friends Nickel & VF for what many (one or two) people are referring to as the “Death March of Graphic Novice”.  Your hosts get caught up on each others comings and goings before moving on to discuss the upcoming “Rebirth Event” over at DC Comics.

“Comic News” is dedicated completely to DC’s “Rebirth”.

After a long and confusing discussion on Rebirth, we move on to discuss comics released in the first half of March 2016, including Deadly Class #19, Avengers Standoff Assault On Pleasant Hill Alpha #1, Black Widow #1, Lantern City #11, Snow Blind #4, Detective Comics #50, Amazing Spider-Man #9, Captain Canuck, Low #12, Monstress #4, and Spider-Woman #5.

We close with a look ahead to the books being released March 23, 2016 and some subtle controversy.

Stay Sexy.

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