Graphic Novice #84: Nickel V The State


Episode 84 of the Graphic Novice Comic Book Podcast kicks off with a riveting debate on hot vs. cold.  Nickel never quite recovers in this episode after VF decides that its his turn to roll the bumpers.

After teasing the story on the twitters, Nickel v. The State tells how about 1/3 of the land that hosts the infamous Murder Cabin is scheduled to be annexed by the County for flood mitigation.  Don’t miss out on this heart-wrenching tale of woe during the first hour of the podcast.

In “Comic News” we set up DC’s “Rebirth” event, discuss the Deadpool movie and get to know VF a little better in the “Getting to know VF a Little Better” sub-segment.

Find out who wins the latest installment of “Marvel Trivia Box” during the segment that Michael Leal claims to have aced, “Marvel Trivia Box”.

In our not-so-rapid, “Rapid-Fire Review” segment, we look at the books released during February 2016, and discuss Paper Girls #5, Velvet #13, Vision #4, Snow Blind #3, All-New Hawkeye #4, Red Wolf #3, The Tithe #8, Avengers Standoff Welcome to Pleasant Hill #1, Nowhere Men #8, Postal #10, Daredevil #4, and Black Magick #5.

We wrap up another 2-episode with a look at some of the books we’ll be picking up on March 9, 2016.

Keep it trashy. Good night Ohio.

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