Graphic Novice: #083: Back From The Pubs


Join Benjamen, Scott, VF & Nickel as they catch up after some more time away from comic book podcasting.  The opening, ‘General Banter” segment is primarily a discussion of neighborhood pubs, and drinking establishments.  Settle in, this episode is a 3-hour marathon.

In “Comic News” the fellows discuss the upcoming prequel to Frank Miller’s “The Dark Knight Returns” and various Superbowl movie trailers. Rob Liefield’s comments about the creation of Deadpool, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, and anticipation for the 2016 comic book movies round out the segment.

Once again, the “Marvel Trivia Box” segment exposes Nickel’s lack of knowledge on the very subject matter of this podcast.  This week, VF works in Star Wars trivia questions as well.

In the inappropriately named “Rapid Fire Review” segment, comics from January 20, 27 and February 3, 2016 are discussed.

Thanks for listening.  You’re our favorite listener….  Yup, you. We think you’re great.

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