Green Up Podcast #100: Finally! Part 1


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Welcome to Green Up Podcast 100th Episode! Ryan is joined with his partners in crime and has to quickly hand over the show to his friends. Chris from Attention Deficit Order, Henno from Gotham Lights, John from Pop Culture Cafe, Alycia from Musings of a Shibe, Mike from Growing Up Not Growing Old, VF from Graphic Novice and Neil and Annaleis from Dark Angels and Pretty Freaks joins us for the first half of the 100th episode.

While Ryan was tending to his crying daughter, Chris and Clint helped move the show along, talking about new tv shows that are coming out in 2016 and more. Its a great celebration of Green Up reaching its 100th episode but also getting podcasters together for some good fun.

The 2nd half will follow next week! Thank you to all my friends that made this happen!!

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Follow us on twitter @greenuppodcast and give our voicemail a call 424 262 2435

Thank you to Henno for our intro.

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