HOBI Episode #102: A Copious Amount of Wolf Spiders!

HOBI Episode #102: A Copious Amount of Wolf Spiders!


The HOBI gang is joined by not one but four guests this week for our December Roundtable! The guys welcome Number One Fan Doug, gimp Nic, HOBI musician Bednar and the Ditt-man into the studio to discuss the trailer for Civil War, the rules to rugby and most importantly, wolf spiders!  The roundtable draft a new Christmas Vacation in which not all bring their top game, determine if Star Wars The Force Awakens will be better than the prequels and try to figure out why Alvin and the Chipmunks needs another sequel.  The Roundtable of Geek discuss their Top 5 Favorite Holiday Food and Drinks all the while they try to stomach a Bengals loss!

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