Salty Language #229: Dump Island


Tony and Bryan discuss Tony’s contacts, almost dying, UFC 194 fights, their time at the country bar, Green Up appearance, a Ted Talks depression video, the Salty Language holiday playlist, X-men Apocalypse trailer, Martin Shrkeli’s trouble, Joey Ryan’s YouPorn deal, Conor McGregor might make $100 million, Secret Wars Too’s Dr. Doom reality show, the pick ’em league, SLPod Kik group, our Q of the W and recap, and more!


Depression video:

Salty Language Holiday playlist:

X-Men Apocalypse trailer:

Shkreli in trouble with the FBI:

Satrical post about Shkreli’s lawyer:

McGregor may become the first UFC fighter to make $100 million:

Joey Ryan signs deal with YouPorn:

Secret Wars Too comic with Dr. Doom reality show:

QoftheW: What is your favorite holiday movie or tv episode, and why?

The Best Christmas Song by Jon Lajoie:
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