Graphic Novice #078: After Hours (aka 30 Minutes Behind Schedule)


Your pals Benjamen Scott VF & Nickel are back for the team hand-job that is The Graphic Novice Comic Book Podcast.  After experiencing a 30-minute delay, you’ll find the our podcast in the “After Hours” time slot this week, where sensual massages, and the art of dual hand release are both fair game on the table of discussion.

The “General Banter” segment covers International Thanksgivings, helping friends move, Christmas gifts from suspended Graphic Novice scribe Desmond Hassing, Christmas work parties in Edmonton, the first installment of The Graphic Novice Book Club, Jessica Jones, Salty Language and the “Sexy VF” episode, 7 Days A Geek’s 30 Days of Podcasting, and the 100th episode of both the Green Up & History of Bad Ideas Podcast.

In “Comic News” we discuss the Civil War trailer, The Books of Doom, Jessica Jones, and the newly released Book One of The Dark Knight III: The Master Race.

Tune in for VF’s most memorable performance of “The Marvel Trivia Box” to date.

During the “Rapid Fire Review” segment, we review new comics released November 4, 2015  including Klaus #1, Batman & Robin Eternal #5, Detective Comics #46, Unfollow #1, Black Science #17, Lazarus #20, Monstress #1, Nailbiter #17, Paper Girls #2, Velvet #12, We Stand On Guard #5, Amazing Spider-Man #3, Doctor Strange #2, Extraordinary X-Men #1, Howard the Duck #1, Invincible Ironman #3, Spider-Gwen #0, Uncanny X-Men #600, and Ninjak #9.

Before wandering off into the night, we look ahead to the books about to be released on December 2, 2015.  Thanks for listening listeners. We appreciate the fact that you let us into your ears every once in a while. Keep it sexy!

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