Classic” Musings of a Geek: MOAG #067 – Abusive Alcoholic Puppy; or Dildo Economics


We hope you like last week’s throwback to our first podcast trip to Vegas and we’re gonna do it again! In honor of Musings-Con 2016 in 2 DAYS in Las Vegas, we present the podcast we recorded from our second annual Vegas trip as a show!
Recorded 9/19/2014 – What started as a great story of the origins of Musings of a Geek eventually devolved into one of our oddest Question of the Universe segments.  Listen as we talk about how Dan met Des, how we met Will, where the podcast came from, how the network started, and how Kevin Smith features in all of this.  Then go with us as we move away from the feels and into questions which include music, sex toys, and the Moon. We go all out for our yearly Vegas trip and have way too much fun!

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