Graphic Novice #076: Audio Shaming & Death

Graphic Novice #076: Audio Shaming & Death


The Graphic Novice Comic Book Podcast spends the unofficially titled “General Banter” hour talking about podcast audio quality, death, family, and our friend Ryan screwing up his new daughter’s name.  Comic news is a little light, but we discuss our worst comics choices of 2015 for the HOBI Floppy Awards, our new Trade Review episodes, and some TV stuff. After nattering on like two old hens for an entire segment, Nickel & VF take on the Marvel Trivia Box in another segment of VF & Nickel vs. The Marvel Trivia Box. In “Rapid Fire Review” we look at comics released October 14 & October 21, 2015, specifically, Lantern City #6, Batman #45, Batman Eternal #2, Earth 2 Society #5, East of West #21, I Hate Fairlyland #1, Low #10, Savior #7, Sam Wilson, Captain America #1, Civil War #5, Guardians of the Galaxy #1, Ms. Marvel #19, Spider-Gwen #1, Ninjak #8, Tokyo Ghost #2, Amazing Spider-man #2, and Astonishing Ant-Man #1. Thanks for listening!

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