“Classic” Musings of a Geek: MOAG #020 – America’s Playground

“Classic” Musings of a Geek:  MOAG #020America’s Playground


In honor of next week’s MusingsCon in Las Vegas, we are re-posting shows recorded from past Vegas trips.  First off id the first show we did as a podcast in Las Vegas!
Recorded 4/19/2013 – We have finally made it to Las Vegas for our first (hopefully) annual Las Vegas episode! This week we are joined by our friend Ed as we discuss our first time to this city of sin and why we like it so much.  Also, we get into a long conversation about Superman and what Man of Steel means to a new DCU.  Finally Des asks the most important question of all: Which superhero would be best suited for this mecca in the desert?

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