Salty Language #223: Wookiee Koozie

Salty Language #223:  Wookiee Koozie


Tony and Bryan discuss Halloween, deli rage, police using nunchucks, Conor McGregor sparring “The Mountain”, Ric Flair getting a 30 for 30, a new Star Wars trailer, Disney retiring Slave Leia merchandise, the Preacher trailer, a theory on Jar Jar, two SUATMM picks, the pick ’em league, #SLPod Kik group, our Q of the W and recap, and more!


California Police Department to use nunchucks:
Star Wars costume facts:

Conor McGregor spars with “The Mountain”:

First Trailer for Preacher:

Ric Flair to get an ESPN 30 for 30:

Japanese Star Wars The Force Awakens trailer:

Disney to retire all Slave Leia merchandise?:

A new theory on Jar Jar Binks:

Q of the W: What sitcom family would you want to be a member of?

Under Armour Star Wars gear:

Chewbacca can cooler:

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