Graphic Novice #075: And Now For Something Completely Similar

Graphic Novice #075: And Now For Something Completely Similar


A landmark episode of Graphic Novice, where VF & Nickel bring their ‘D’ game and continue to try and hammer down the format and spend less time talking about nothingness… to no avail.

During the “General Banter” segment, after Nickel’s microphone tries to ruin the podcast, the final episode of the show (episode 100) is discussed, the last episode of The Walking Dead, the guys toss around ideas for a new segment, probiotic gut bacteria, bidets, the invitation to present a “Floppy Award” for the History of Bad Ideas Podcast, Mr. Bloom and Poison Ivy… and theories are floated about the downtrodden state of fellow podcaster, Ryan Beagley from the Green Up podcast.

VF throws a twist in “VF vs. The Marvel Trivia Box” after being repeatedly shamed for his performance…  The new segment is titles “VF & Nickel vs. The Marvel Trivia Box”.

After a brief “Comic News” segment, the guys discuss comics released on October 7, 2015 during “Rapid Fire Review”.  The books discussed include Jughead #1, Batman & Robin Eternal #1, Detective Comics #45, Paper Girls #1, Southern Bastards #11, Starve #5, Avengers #0, Doctor Strange #1, and Secret Wars #6.

Thanks so much for listening

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