Green Up #92:

 Green Up #92:

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Oregon’s number 1 Podcast! The boys sit around, update you on their weeks. Ryan brings you some video game news on Dice, Star Wars Battlefront and Call of Duty Black Ops 3. Ryan apologizes to Teddy for being a Nazi at RCCC and tell a short recap of his time with VF and his wife after RCCC. Ryan talks about the history of Halloween, and plays a little game with Clint and Teddy. Clint talks about the Lucas Museum in Chicago and more on Prema-Permadeath games. Teddy brings you some tech news on Dyson’s robot vacuum, New Jersey hires Uber, Comet Lovejoy and more. The guys run down the shows they are watching and Ryan finishes the show with some creepy babysitter stories that Pouch from The Dropping Loads Podcast shared with him, starring Jillian.
Intro music by @Idahenno
Outro by @inallfaircast

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