Snake Oil Comics Episode #76: Andyween

 Snake Oil Comics Episode #76: Andyween

Welcome back to another episode of Snake Oil Comics! This week’s episode gets festive with the first official Andyween episode. Much like Joemas, Andyween is all about Andy “The Greek”, but with less Joesus and more slutty construction worker costumes. On this episode, we talk about Steeph weaseling his way onto “The List”, Joe’s temporary return to the shop, and what happens when Andy visits a strip club for the first time with Nick Nameless, Steeph, and Rando Galerissian.
Promos this week are from Couple Things Podcast, 365Flicks Podcast, and Danger Entertainment Podcast Network.
Don’t forget to stick around until the end of the episode to hear details on 7 Days a Geek’s 24 hour podcast marathon on October 24th on Mixler. The show starts at 10am on the 24th. Check it out!

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