Graphic Novice #073: The Wrath of Cons: Life After The RCCC

Graphic Novice #073: The Wrath of Cons: Life After The RCCC


The Graphic Novice Comic Book Podcast returns after getting our chakras re-aligned, and spends 3 hours catching up.  Our apologies to fans of both “Rapid-Fire Review” and the Fantastic Four centric “Back Issue Review”, as this week’s episode is an exercise in self-indulgence.  VF & Nickel spend the majority of this episode discussing Rose City ComicCon in Portland, Oregon, Michael Leal as the “Little Spoon”, hanging out with the Beagleys, The Edmonton Comic Expo, and Metal Roofing. This episode also includes the second round of “VF vs. The Marvel Trivia Box”.

To make up for this episode being a little light on the weekly reviews and discussion, the next episode will be comic book review heavy.

Thanks for listening, and thanks a bunch for all your support.  Our apologies for the long wait.

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