Salty Language #219: Awfulanche

Salty Language #219: Awfulanche


Tony and Bryan discuss an update about Peeple, fantasy football scandal, the Lions’ heartbreaking loss, Dark Horse Brewing, Halloween Whopper causing green poop, a new Dave and Buster’s near us, Campbell’s Soup’s new commercial, meeting Matt from Passers-by Podcast, the pick ’em league, #SLPod Kik group, our Q of the W and recap, and more!


Peeple site and info disappear after attacks online:

Fantasy football cheating scandal:

Dark Horse Brewing:

Halloween Whopper causing green poop:

New Dave and Buster’s:

Campbell’s Soup “I’m your father” ad:

Matt from Passers-by Pod: @passersbypod

Q of the W: What would your rollergirl name be?

Salty Language Patreon page:

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