Green Up #090: The Boys Are Back!

Green Up #090: The Boys Are Back!

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Welcome to Green Up episode 90, Oregon’s #1 Podcast!  The boys are finally back together after being separated by a huge comic con, moving and a toy drive!  This week the guys bring you up to speed on what they have been up to.  Ryan got to hit another comic con and a game dev con.  Clint talks about Upsilon Circuit, the new Xbox 1 controller and more.  Tech Time Teddy brings you his top 5 tech news stories; new proof on how the dinosaurs died, self driving semi-trucks, the new chromecast and more!  During our Video Game News we did a quick review on the Rainbow Six Siege Beta and how happy we are for the new Star Wars Battlefront Beta!  We do a quick review on some new Fall TV shows; Quantico, Blindspot Heroes Reborn and more!  We finally get around to reviewing Nightcrawler and seek help from our friends!  Big thanks to Henno for our intro!

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