Musings of a Geek #100: See How Much Better We’ve Gotten

Musings of a Geek #100: See How Much Better We’ve Gotten


Musings of a Geek celebrates 100 episodes of podcasting with a look not back…but FORWARD to more geek news!  This week we discuss: Dan’s volume over time, 100 episodes!, More Patriot hate, Musings of Weather, Jon Snow taking over the North, Ronda Rousey in Road House, Man from UNCLE, Des as our Tarentino. Russell Crowe’s Robin Hood, Des’ anger with Black X-Wing Fighters, Star Wars post credit sequences, Rupert Murdoch and his ownership of Nat Geo, DC wanting more Batman, Harrison Well’s Return to the Flash, Chris Evans wants more Marvel, Wonder Woman in WWI and QUESTIONS FROM THE UNIVERSE!

Thanks everyone for 100 great episodes!

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