Graphic Novice #072: The Road to Rose City

Graphic Novice #072: The Road to Rose City


The least informed comic book podcast returns the week before the much anticipated 2015 Rose City Comicon in Portland Oregon.  Nickel has flaked out, and the guys spend a significant amount of time discussing the great betrayal.

After the details of Nickel’s absence from Portland are discussed, and VF shoulders the responsibility of representing Graphic Novice in Portland we move onto the aftermath of VF’s 40th birthday, and our attempt to piss off Jason Brigger.  VF almost picks a fight with Ryan Beagley, Nickel questions the format of the show, VF’s chickens, Sue’s Coffee, and Nickel’s appearance on the Podcast Without Borders, episode #31 (not necessarily in that order).

In comic news, we discuss Rachel McAdams hotness, the five books being cancelled by DC comics, controversy surrounding friend of the show, Greg Capullo, the X-Men and the Terrigen Mists, and at long last, comic sales for July 2015.

The Graphic Novice Comic Book then introduces a new segment…  VF vs. Marvel Comics Trivia!

In “Rapid Fire Review” we discuss the comics that were born unto this world on September 2 & September 9, including Broken World #4, Detective Comics #44, Green Lantern #44, The Empty #6, Lazarus #19, We Stand On Guard #3, Daredevil #18, Silk #7, Lantern City #5, Batman #44, Earth 2 Society #4, Deadly Class #16, Outcast #12, and Starve #4.

We wrap things up with a look ahead to the comics being released on September 16, 2015, and a final look ahead towards Portland.  Thank you so much once again for spending some time with us.

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